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Jackie just got done filming her co-star role on

Season 3 of Law and Order Organized Crime

I am the middle child of three girls and was thankfully told I was “the cream inside the oreo cookie.” So clearly, I never suffered from middle child syndrome... riiiiiiight.

I am the type of person who goes to China for a month, learns about Buddhism, and ever since has to catch and release spiders and other gross critters found in my home. I draw the line at mosquitos; but, true story, I did once catch and release a cockroach. If there is a crystal, salt rock, ointment, or motivational calendar I own it. I go to sound bowl ceremonies and - you guessed it - I burn sage. I like horoscopes and I think most times they are spot on.

That being said, I am also your favorite person on set. I am a recovering perfectionist so I prefer to be early, prepared, and fully present. I know how to read a room and will follow your energetic lead. Last but not least, I am a huge animal lover and have my own big monster mutt at home. My acting training includes but is not limited to: Montclair State BFA, Shakespeare theatre of NJ, HB studios and private coaching. I was a brand ambassador for Skechers on QVC for two years. I have been working steadily commercially and in the voiceover industry for the past several years.

I dabble in dancing, learning languages, hiking, working out, yoga, cooking really healthy meals, chocolate coniessuring and becoming the first person to watch every romantic comedy on Netflix and Hulu.

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The curious, hopeful romantic yet East Coast-cynical caretaker with a big empathetic heart and sassy Jersey wit.

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